Ivory Antique Dagger


”I, Moshe Aelyon, explored every piece of the vintage collection by myself. In each piece, there are stories and textures that come to life either at first sight or upon touching and observing. I hope that each one awakens unique feelings in their new owners.” -Moshe Aelyon

Product 28.5 X 6.5 cm | Cover 10 X 30 cm

A dagger wıth ivory handle in scabbard embroidered with wood and metal sheets

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Product Features and Advice on Use
It should be avoided to the methods that cause to oxidize and deform the product. Velvet cloths or microfiber cloths lightly moistened with a spray should be used to wipe, followed by drying with a dry cloth. The knife should be placed in the sheath dry and removed dry. During cleaning, cloths that leave fibers should not be used in the area of the sheath or knife, regardless of the area.

Case and Packaging
The product is sent to the customer with a 100% handmade suede leather pouch. Cover 10X30 cm