Mini Installation Memoir Box 1


“I, Moshe Aelyon, explored every piece of the vintage collection by myself. In each piece, there are stories and textures that come to life either at first sight or upon touching and observing. I hope that each one awakens unique feelings in their new owners.”

42 x 47,5 x 12,5

A display box consisting of a 100% woven fabric cover and a plexi protection cover designed to be placed on a wooden floor.

Hand-delivery in İstanbul

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Product features and advice on use
We recommend using a slightly damp cloth or a dust brush for cleaning the fabric parts of the product. For cleaning the plexi cover, do not use glass cleaning detergents or any other detergents that may leave marks on the fabric surface. The plexi cover should not be closed until it is completely dry.

Case and packaging
The product is a display item and is not suitable for shipping without a sturdy packaging. Therefore, it will be delivered directly without any packaging and by hand.