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Now that you have landed on this page, we can say hello.
Hi, I’m Moshe.

After graduating from Galatasaray High School, I went on a heartfelt journey towards America for my childhood love. I first studied English at UC Santa Barbara and then fashion design at Brooks College. While practicing my career, I have developed a businessmanship besides being a designer. After the fashion company I founded in Los Angeles, I moved to the New York area one day and entered the special event industry.

I organized and designed events for Bill & Hillary Clinton, Paul Newman, Martha Stewart, Pepsi, GE, Miramax, NBC, LG Electronics and many more people/companies in USA. After working in the hospitality industry in the USA for 35 years, I was invited to Istanbul to become a new member of the Ceremony Flowers & Events Family. Here we have realized different projects together with a great team. In 2020, I set out to establish “A Creative Agency”, where I am the Creative Director, in order to contribute to the people and brands I have similar gusto with.

If you are wondering about my childhood, like Orhan Pamuk, I grew up as an “apartment boy” in Nişantaşı. When I became a Buyukada lover, Paris lover, New York lover, and a person of the world, I think this knowledge has become a global gusto that I can share in luxury hospitality and beyond.

My real inspirations are my children, the young people I work with, and the next generation of creatives I hope to touch in the future.

Who knows; maybe we have already met or will meet one day somewhere soon…