Antique Wooden Printing Block (Stamping Die) (M)


“I, Moshe Aelyon, explored every piece of the vintage collection by myself. In each piece, there are stories and textures that come to life either at first sight or upon touching and observing. I hope that each one awakens unique feelings in their new owners.”

37 x 39 x 6 cm

Black wooden sash – glass mat (passepartout) – originally preserved antique wooden printing mold  

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Product features and advice on use
Cloths lightly moistened, or dust brush should be used to wipe during cleaning. You can use glass cleaning detergents that can also clean the part that holds the glass in a frame without touching the wooden surface. Apply the detergent onto a cloth and use that cloth to clean the glass.

Case and Packaging
We take great care in packaging the product to ensure that there are no problems during transportation to you. When you open the package after the product has been delivered, for your safety and the safety of the product, the top surface indicator should be positioned upwards and the product should be opened in this position.