Patchy Lives


Years ago, while wandering the streets of Soho in NY, I saw a red tack fabric in a Japanese pottery book. A piece of cloth I remember often since that day.
I also love the word “teğel” in Turkish. It means “sparse and makeshift stitch, makeshift stitch, patch” in Turkish.
Just like life; sparse happiness, sparse unhappiness, neat and makeshift relationships, the lives we patched.
I love the philosophy of the “perfectly imperfect”. To be beautiful with our flaws, to be love as we are, and to love the way the others are.

Picture 12 x 12 cm | Frame 26 x 26 cm

It compose of fabric and threads on a mixed media surface with a tuval technique. The work is framed using a glass mat and wood.

Cargo included | 5 working days

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Product Features and Advice on use
You can clean the frame with a damp microfiber cloth. For products without glass on the front surface, clean the surface of the work using a soft-bristled brush and do not wipe it with a cloth as this can cause changes in the shape of the threads and colors of the work.

Case and Packaging
We carefully package the product with strong and sturdy materials to ensure there are no problems during transportation. When you receive the product and open the package, for the safety of both you and the product, the area with the top surface indicator should be positioned facing upwards, and the product should be opened in this position.