Weekend Companion Purse


Great Island of mine smells like great pine trees, resin, arbutus trees, grass, rain, and sea salt. I can’t get enough of that smell, and I get lost for hours on those winding roads.

50 X 50 cm | Handle length 26 cm


%100 suede leather

Cargo includes | 5 working days

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Product Features and Advice on Use
Our purse/case/handbag is produced by 100% handmade and traditional methods. You can make daily dust cleaning via microfiber cloths or soft suede brushes you can provide by shoemakers. Due to its suede texture, the product is tarnishable. We advise that you should get a technical support from shoeshine parlors for the exact solution in case of any dirt and spotting. You can wash your bag 2-3 times in total in order to clean daily contaminations. Please wash it at 30° in the sensitive program with liquid detergents in your home type washing machine.

Case and Packaging
While packaging the product, we are careful to generate minimum level of waste. We package our purses with a 100% canvas pouch to prevent dusting in your daily use and protect from scratches. If you have enough space to preserve the product, you can easily use the canvas pouch in your daily routine including carrying out and storing your groceries.