Island Pine Candle


Great Island of mine smells like great pine trees, resin, arbutus trees, grass, rain, and sea salt. I can’t get enough of that smell, and I get lost for hours on those winding roads.

550 gr scented candle

9.5 X. 10.5 cm

Combustion Duration
120-160 hours

100% Soywax

Koku İçeriği
Flower flavor, green flower, green musk, mossed wood

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Advice on Use
Remove package before lighting the candle. Please keep away from flammable products to avoid the risk of fire. Keep out of reach of children and animals. The glass container will be hot while the candle burning. After all the candle in the glass container is consumed, you can wash the bowl with hot temperature water or dishwasher, continue to use in any arena you want.

Case and Packaging
While packaging the product, we are careful to generate minimum level of waste. We did not utilize permanent techniques consciously on the logo and the content on the product and package. 100% canvas pouches with their wide-mold and double-folded fabric are designed to use for many years. We wish you to transform every part of the product in your daily life and use it with love.