MôA x Harem Caramel Crepe Lace


These Caramel Covered Crepe Sticks are collaboration between Moshe Aelyon and Harem Chocolates. As a child Moshe loved Crepe Dantels a popular snack produced by a luxury patisserie. Today one of his favorite chocolatier is producing it with his current toppings caramel. You will be addicted as soon as your first bite.

20,8 x 5,75 x 4,85 cm

250 gr. / Approx. 24 pieces of bar with caramel chocolate

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Expiration date and storage conditions
8 Months | 16-22°C | Keep it dry and cool place. Avoid it from direct sunlight 

Allergenic warning
It includes milk, nuts, wheat and soy, and may include trace amount of nuts, sesame, and peanuts. Vegetarian product.