Bracelet in a Fish Shape


This bracelet is designed as a collaboration between Moshe Aelyon and Fatih Mert Erdoğan, and it symbolizes abundance, plentifullness, luck and happiness. MoA introduces this unique piece for your pleasure. This is a must have piece for the season.

4.5 X 9 cm

925-carat silver

Cargo included | 5 working days

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Product Features and Advice on Use
It is produced by 925-carat silver in handmade. Please keep it away from chemicals, seawater, poolwater, and parfums including alcohol. In case not using it, please store it in its suede pouch. In case of tarnishing or deformation, you should get advice from silver master.

Case and Packaging
The product is sent to our customers with a 100% handmade suede pouch.